3x coolest cinemas in Amsterdam

De Filmhallen
In this former tram shed – yes, you can still see pieces of tram lines outside – you’ll find ‘’De Hallen’’. It’s best combination of food and film as there are many food stands with a variety of snacks like burgers, flammkuchen, sushi and wraps. Also in the hallways you’ll find nice boutiques. Wait a minute, this article was about movies, right? Yes, everything here is under one roof. So after watching a French art house movie, or a Hollywood blockbuster, it’s the perfect setting to have a G&T. Cheers!

The Movies
Amsterdam’s oldest – still in use – cinema has an authentic look and feel, already starting with the light bulbs framing the movie titles outside. Good for you it only gets better on the inside. Stroll over the thick red carpet and you’ll feel thrown back in time. Is that Audrey Hepburn at the bar? In this cozy atmosphere you can dine in the restaurant or have a drink at the bar. After the movie you can wander around in picturesque Jordaan… Now that is a romantic night!

That futuristic, space shuttle looking building on the other side of Central Station? It’s not where aliens land, it’s Eye, the national museum for film. You can reach this super cool building by free ferry departing from the front of Central Station. Eye is much more than just a cinema. Have food and drinks while watching the water or visit an exposition that is – how could it be otherwise – about film.

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