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About Conscious Hotels

We do it differently by nature

We are conscious of the choices we make. That is why there is sustainability in everything that we do, without compromising comfort. And our stylish hotels and restaurants each have their own unique style and story, which makes every visit a special experience. We do it differently by nature. We have been around for over 10 years now, making us pioneers in eco-friendly tourism. And it seems you agree. Guests of Tripadvisor have rated us as 1 of the best hotels in the world, hence the Travelers’ Choice Award for 2022.

We do it differently by combining stylish design and playfulness with sustainability, calling it Eco-Sexy. This is felt throughout your entire stay. From small notes in the rooms that tell guests about the recycled furniture and water-saving showers, to every bite and drink that is served to be fully organic. There is no stopping us from delivering the eco choice while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Making sustainability comfortable and stylish

When you visit our hotels, you will definitely notice our stylish interior designs. Everything is well-thought-out and carefully furnished. The chairs are comfortable, the beds feel like soft clouds, and the food is tasteful and photogenic. And the care goes further than meets the eye: in everything we do, we make sure that we choose the most sustainable solution. We do that because we believe that being sustainable does not mean compromising comfort, but adding value to your stay. Want to know more about our sustainable effort?

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For everybody

Everybody is welcome at Conscious: whether you are a passionate vegan or just looking for a good time without worrying about saving energy or separating waste. We make sustainability the easy choice, being stylish and tasteful. As a result of that, all of our food and beverages are organic. This means we work with the highest quality and freshest ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. And our furniture is made from recycled and certified materials. Just as comfortable, extra stylish.


Our employees are passionate about making every guest’s stay as special as possible. In all we do, going the extra mile is key. We are there when you like us to be. That is how we have fun at work and make a difference in the industry. We pride ourselves on our diversity. This makes us extra powerful and resourceful in reaching our common goal: delivering the perfect sustainable guest journey.

This is Conscious

  • 4 stylish and sustainable hotels
  • 2 organic restaurants and 2 organic coffee bars
  • Green park locations
  • Fully organic breakfast and bar
  • 100% sustainable energy sources (solar and wind)
  • Easy to reach by public transport

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