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Conscious Shopping

As if there wasn’t enough about Amsterdam to steal your eco-friendly heart – bikes and bike lanes, stroopwafels, pretty houses, and electric boat rides down the canals – this beautiful city also has a thriving sustainable fashion scene!

More and more people want an honest story behind the products they buy. It would be nice to know that whatever piece of clothing is made from organic fabrics and is produced in an honest way. So shop till you drop! And then the fun part: You can bring your friend, boyfriend or husband because we have also listed some shops for men. Enjoy!

For women

Gekaapt – Kinkerstraat 316

The online shop and pop-up shop Gekaapt now has a permanent location in the city where you can look for fun sustainable interior and fashion items for yourself or your birthday friend day in and day out. Ps: They also have the Vegan Lane; a collection of brands and products that fit into the vegan lifestyle.

Faire Oosten – Waldenlaan 208

The Faire Oosten offers makers, artists, and workshop providers a physical and online platform to reach out to “the public” and each other. Sustainability, craftsmanship, and creativity are key to the Faire Oosten. Extraordinary!

The Geitenwollenwinkel – Utrechtsestraat 37

There is nothing dull to be found in this cute goat’s wool shop. But everything is vegan, ecological and made of honest products. And not to forget: very pretty. From clothing to plaids and from fragrances to face cream.

The Next Closet – Bilderdijkstraat 94-A

Did anyone say second hand designer clothes? And it’s much more sustainable than you think.. The company has saved 13944 full bathtubs of wastewater in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, 8345 KG CO2 emissions avoided in the last 30 days. So, you’ll be able to look fabulous and save the planet at the same time. Win-win!

For men

Six and Sons – Haarlemmerdijk 31

This two-storey concept store sells very cool vintage items: from (men’s) clothes and tableware to old maps for the interior.

Verse – Gerard Doustraat 84

Verse is one of the newest sustainable clothing shops in Amsterdam. The shop is located on the Prinsengracht and has great sustainable brands like Friday’s Project, Denise Roobol and Kings of Indigo. You will find beautiful items for both him and her, as well as lifestyle and beauty products.

About Lifestyle – Haarlemmerdijk 20

A shop with everything you need. From trainers, to watches and sunglasses, to belts and bags. And sustainable, too. Perfect!

Unrecorded – Utrechtsestraat 27 & Runstraat 26

Unrecorded is an independent clothing brand  that represents a new wave of unisex brands that are rebelling against the nature of fast fashion. The company is passionate about style, and produces apparel using eco-friendly materials. Its range includes items that are all year round essentials suitable for any wardrobe, available in sizes XS-2XL. Happy shopping!

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