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Hi, I think I wanna marry you!

Your Wedding Day. A perfect day; filled with fun, romance and love, in an Eco-Sexy way.

A Conscious wedding is sustainable, unique, and has everything under one roof. You can spend your special day (and night…) with us. This means, you and your guests don’t have to go from location to location. That’s one less thing to worry about, no hassle with transportation, and easy for everyone to reach. At Conscious Hotel Westerpark, sustainability is key, but not at the expense of comfort and style. The hotel is Eco and Sexy at the same time. The location is 100% electric, fully equipped with sustainable materials and all food and drinks are 100% organic (really does taste better).

Conscious Hotel Westerpark is a monumental building in the middle of the Westerpark, on the lively Westergas area in Amsterdam. The building has a great story to tell: it used to be the headquarters of the WesterGASfactory, which is quite funny considering the building is now 100% electric and runs entirely on Dutch wind energy. The history of the building is subtly reflected in the interior. In short: the perfect location for a hip wedding in Amsterdam.


We’re an official wedding location. Which means a ceremony can be held, this could be inside or outside, in an intimate corner or in the entire restaurant. The choice is yours.


Celebrations are in place!
I hereby pronounce you as husband and wife. You can now update your Facebook status now. But, more important: toast with champagne and a piece of the beautiful wedding cake (which we can make for you, by the way).

Our kitchen

Time for wine & food
You’ve got something to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with delicious organic food and matching wines. Our chefs prepare everything with love and as much as possible with seasonal and local ingredients. You can enjoy an excellent lunch, an extensive dinner or a laid back walking dinner.


A (little) party never killed nobody!
It’s time to pop those bottles and celebrate your first night as a married couple. Dance and sing the night away with your loved ones. There is more than enough room for a DJ or a band and, of course, a dance floor. A big advantage is that under certain conditions, the party can continue until the late hours.


You must be wrecked by now…
Time for a good night’s sleep in our romantic bridal suite! We’re sure your friends and family don’t want to leave the party either (and have probably consumed a little too much alcohol to find their way back home…). So, luckily, we have enough rooms to let them stay with us as well and what’s even better: they will get a 10% discount on their stay in Amsterdam.

Wanna get married in Amsterdam?

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