Electric boat rental

They say it’s best to explore Amsterdam by bike, but even better is by boat! Ok, you should just try them both for the real Amsterdam experience šŸ˜‰

So what you can expect?Ā A nice electric boat from Mokum Boat – fun fact: did you know Mokum is slang for Amsterdam? And of course tremendous views over the ancient canals and canal houses. The boat has a steering wheel and the captain will be… you!Ā  No license needed. It fits up to 8 people and it’s not covered – because yeah, you’re going for the nice views! They have 6 different boarding points, and one of them is just around the corner from our Conscious Hotel Westerpark.

How to book?Ā Just ask your host and they’ll arrange it for you. Or go to theirĀ websiteĀ and book yourself!

What do these hours of pleasure cost?
2 hour boat ride is ā‚¬95,-
3Ā hourĀ boat rideĀ is ā‚¬120,-
4Ā hourĀ boat rideĀ is ā‚¬150,-

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