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It’s Saturday morning. You run into a gallery out of the rain and find the most incredible painting. It seems to magically sum up your entire existence. It’s a dog wearing a dress dancing on its back legs. A bit weird maybe but YHTTTW!

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Lovely place to stay
Really nice, friendly hotel.
Great location, really handy for getting to the centre and taking a walk to Vondelpark.
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Amazing place
Craft and draft beer tasteing and shopping really blew our minds. Well worth a visit! Alot of options and the
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Really Nice place
Really good situation née the town center. Nice staff whose take care of us. Enjoy Amsterdam. Enjoy this hôtel!
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Amsterdam is a great place, tons of cool buildings would recommend just exploring the city and see what happens. The
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Rooms are great. Clean,spacious, in a great spot. I enjoyed my stay.
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Great to be welcomed in this warm atmosphere of the bar during this cold december night !
Conscious hotel amsterdam
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Step outside the tourist zones
This morning we headed to Foodhallen as we heard so many great recommendations. On our way to the foodhallen the
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Perfect stay!
We made a hasty booking for two nights, not really knowing where would end up, only because it was pretty
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Visit also the countryside
Amsterdam is a unique city. There are lots of great things to enjoy. But don't forget to go to the
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Amsterdam conscious staff
Wanted to write what a pleasant experience I have had at this hotel and I will come back here anytime
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Blauw Indonesian Restaurant
Had delicious Indonesian meal 5 mins from the hotel, so many different dishes to try, well worth a visit.
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Het Twiske (if you have a spare day and can't stand the trams, taxi's and tourists anymore)
Just north of Amsterdam (35 minutes by bike from Central Station) lies a little nature reserve called Het Twiske.
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Rijks Museum
The Milkmaid by Vermeer. Breathtaking. Attention to detail incredible!!
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Dinner and red vino at Mata Hari

While wondering through Amsterdam’s famous red light district we found this beautiful restaurant called Mata Hari! Huge and
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Foam Photography Fair
During our trip in Amsterdam last week we went to Foam photography fair. We love photography so one of the
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Cycling with a view
Wow Vondelpark, what a stunning piece of nature in the middle of the city. We were cycling through after a
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Biking in Amsterdam
You know that feeling of being free and not a care in the world? Well you are very free on
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Cannibale Royale
Do you love meat, meat and more meat go and visit one of the four restaurants of Cannibale royale. They
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Restaurant Daalder is great!
While staying in the hotel we visited Restaurant Daalder and had a 4 course dinner which was excellent! A definite
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Picknick in Vondelpark!
Honestly - it might be an open door when you're staying in Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, but please make sure you
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