Our hotels

Currently there are 3 Conscious Hotels in Amsterdam. We’re proud to announce we'll open a fourth eco-design hotel in 2018!

The Tire Station

The Tire Station is a 112-bedroom stylish eco designer hotel so close to Vondelpark you can hear the squirrels dreaming. The name of the hotel is The Tire Station because the building used to be a Michelin Tire Station. We do like to keep things simple. If you like sleep, good news, we have Royal Dutch Auping beds for your best ever night’s sleep.

Conscious Hotel Westerpark

OPENING 2018: Conscious Hotel Westerpark will be the first hotel in The Netherlands powered solely by wind energy. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be blown across your room when you turn on the lights. It just means everything at the hotel will run on sustainable energy.

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark is a stunning, luxurious, eco-design hotel right in the heart of Amsterdam. It's located beside the leafy Vondelpark and the David Lloyd fitness centre. So you can combine leisurely parkland strolls with racing like a crazy person on a treadmill in a blur of lycra.

Conscious Hotel Museum Square

Conscious Hotel Museum Square might be close to the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum but it's no 'museum piece', goodness no, it's got a hip, contemporary feel to it. And it even has a garden perfectly suited for birdwatching, daydreaming or having breakfast.

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