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Pure Energie

On the 21st of July 2021, our CEO Marco Lemmers and Pure Energie did a collaboration shoot at Conscious Hotel Westerpark. We shot a video in which Marco explained the special connection between Conscious Hotel and Pure Energie that has developed over the last decade. Marco is especially enthusiastic about the communication between the two companies; friendly and efficient. That is why he would recommend Pure Energie to other businesses, not only because of the great communication but also because of the good quality of the eco-friendly energy that they provide.

About Pure Energie

Pure Energie started developing wind energy projects in 1995. Since then, they have built 75 windmills in the Netherlands and have installed more than 50,000 solar panels. They provide the customer with energy directly from their projects.

They have been named the greenest energy provider in the Netherlands eight times in a row. According to an annual survey the energy that Pure Energie delivers scores a 10. That is exactly why Conscious Hotels chose this energy supplier! 😉

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