Discover the Dutch Masters at the Rijksmuseum

“I’m sooo not a museum person. But still I LOVE the Rijksmuseum. You can go there many many times and still see new things. Things you didn’t see the other times you went because you didn’t pay attention. Or maybe they just keep swapping stuff around?”

It’s huge and beautiful. The building is historic. And the building is modern. Lots of light. There is historic art, like Rembrandt’s The Night Watch (Nachtwacht) or Vermeer’s Milkmaid. But there are also several floors full of contemporary art. For the old and the young, art hounds or culture savages, tourists or Amsterdammers, the Rijksmuseum is inspiration for everybody.

Sandra tells us, “It got renovated, that took about 10 years (they obviously didn’t hurry to finish it). When it got reopened, I was one of the first to go in. I would suggest this to anyone who visits Amsterdam, although I don’t think you could miss it even if you wanted to, it’s in every Amsterdam guide.”

Funny road safety detail: a bicycle path goes right through it. (So be careful when crossing the road, Amsterdam people often cycle as if they are being chased by angry bears). Outside the Rijksmuseum there is a good chance you’ll hear great musicians enjoying the awesome acoustics there. And the sound of tourists being crushed by bicycles often benefits from the superb setting.

When? Open daily from 9 to 17h (5pm)
Where? Museumstraat 1, Amsterdam.
Entrance fee? €17,50

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