Amsterdam City Swim
Don't be alarmed if you see people swimming in the canals on Sunday the 3rd of September - ok, unless they are screaming for help ;). As 2000 people will swim the canals to raise money for the ALS Foundation during the 6th edition of Amsterdam City Swim.

Along the entire trail, the public (you!) can encourage the swimmers. Head to the Amstel or the finish line at Keizersgracht (crossing Reguliersgracht) for some support and fun!!

Photo credits: Amsterdam City Swim

City Wide Event
Amsterdam's 42nd  Marathon coming up
Do you like running? The feel of the wind in your hair or, if you’re bald, the feel of the wind on the memory of your hair?
Party Pics
Faces of Consciousness
You all took some glamorous selfies during our Boogie Nights in the Conscious Hotel Vondelpark. Enjoy!
Conscious Event
Conscious Photo Contest
Wanna be famous? Simply record a worldwide hit single, become a movie star or put photos of your grumpy-looking cat on the internet. Alternatively...
Conscious Event
NoWaste dinner impression
Look at that food!
Conscious Event
Neighborhood dinner @ Conscious
On May 5th, Conscious Hotel Vondelpark hosted a neighborhood dinner. We think they liked it. They haven’t moved away since, anyway.
Conscious Event
Our first NoWaste Dinner
Collecting not-to-be-wasted food for our NoWaste dinner! Thanks to Marqt. Yes - with Q
Conscious Event
Get your skates on and BOOGIE

Sunday Market Westergasfabriek
Because you know, Sunday Funday!
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