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RUIK recycles Christmas tree of Dam Square
If you love Christmas as much as we do (honestly, who doesn’t?), you might like this cool innitiative. Two Amsterdam siblings are recycling the annual Christmas tree found on Dam Square!

The siblings found a way to create a perfume from the pine needles after the tree is taken down. With this perfume you will be smelling eco-sexy (and a bit Christmassy) all year round. Finally, a natural smell that DOES impress that someone special!
The perfume DEN (Dutch for pine tree), is 100% plant based and has a lid made of the wood of the tree. After taking down the tree and distilling the luxurious oil, the perfume must ripen for 6 months. The perfume from last years’ tree (made from 1028 kilo pines & twigs!) is available now and can be bought on their website.
Get your eco-sexy smell on!

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Rain or shine - the Rijksmuseum rocks
“I LOVE the Rijksmuseum. You can go there many many times and still see new things
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Travelling, Food and Beer - a great threesome
Laurens, our F&B manager advises you to go to one of Amsterdam’s city breweries.
Saving the Planet
Wasteboards by PlasticWhale
Recycled plastic from Amsterdams canals!
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Opened in 2016: ADAM tower
More than anything, Maryanne is looking forward to see that view
Saving the Planet
Now, everyone can recycle plastic! Just follow this:
Consuming Passions says: Scandinavian Embassy
Coffee and Salmon for lunch?!
Saving the Planet
Waka Waka; share the SUN!
Charge your phone with this awesome solar charger
Saturday? Organic markets!
Here are 3 organic markets for a healthy Saturday afternoon:
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Love a free view? Go to OBA!
Julia reveals her secret Amsterdam tip:
Saving the Planet
Conscious Future Education (ConFuSed) Lab launches
All Conscious guests, including even small children, will now wear EcoBoots at all times in the hotel.
Consuming Passions: Dutch Hammam Treatments
Can a Hammam treatment prevent us from colds and flu?
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The canals 
– a good way to go in straight lines on water
Conscious Tip
Go to NDSM 
(like BDSM but without the whips) 
Consuming Passions: Restaurant Thuis aan de Amstel
Wouldn’t you love to relax, have a drink or work-out here with view on the river Amstel?
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Choose LIFE
It’s all too tempting to lose track of your home exercise routines when you travel. Here are a few short stretches to help you keep on top of your health.
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Do you ever feel... hugging your food?
Consuming Passions: The real wine gum
With real wine taste. Why did nobody think of that before?
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Sharing is Karen
Karen, our finance lady at Conscious Hotels, gives you a BBQ tip!
Introducing.. Consuming Passions
Featured on Conscious Hotels website: the blog Consuming Passions. Who are they? 
Saving the Planet
New trend: eat ugly food
Have you tried it already?
Consuming Passions says:
Asian Massages in Dutch Design in the upcomingJan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam West near Conscious Hotels
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The Dutch beaches
Very few visitors think of Amsterdam and beaches in the same sentence but there is a northern coastline you can visit!
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Discount on every booking?
Join the club and receive 5% discount 
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Amazing facts about the Netherlands 
No. 1 The Windmill
Conscious Knows
Where our street names come from
A little history lesson
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10 Facts about Amsterdam
What you didn't know...
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