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King's Day
We already feel the vibes of the orange madness again, because King’s Day is getting nearer and nearer. Everybody gets a day off to celebrate the king’s birthday, and boy… do they celebrate. Amsterdam is the busiest city of all cities in the country. On 27th of April the population in this city get doubled and you can expect between 600.000 and one million people celebrating King’s Day.
Have you never been in Amsterdam during King’s Day or you just have no clue where to go? No worries, here are the biggest hotspots:
1. The Vondelpark.
Early in the morning you can hear children laughing, who are setting up their own markets. We understand why they’re laughing.. it’s time to make money! They get the chance to sell all their unwanted toys (and then with the money buy other kids’ gone-by treasures) As we all know Amsterdammers love to bargain, as this is a city built on trade after all. Not only the Vondelpark is transformed into a free market, but almost every spot in town is covered by cute pop ups. This will make Amsterdam one of the biggest flea markets world wide that dayThat’s what the Dutch are saying at least ;)
2. Canalparty!
Amsterdam will be brimming with orange party boats, and who can blame them? Amsterdam is beautiful from the water. As a boat owner you can show off your orange boat creation through the canals of the Prinsengracht and Amstelveld. Don’t have a boat or any friends with a boat? Also from dryland this will be a spectacle. If you really want to be found on the water…. No problem, the canals will be clogged with boats, so you can literally walk on water or more likely walk across the water on their decks.
3. Day at the Museum.
Most of the touristic attractions will be closed this day. Still some of the biggest museums in Amsterdam will be open. Such as: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank museum. While the rest of the city is busy partying, you can enjoy watching painting or history in peace. But to get there, you will need to make your way through the partying crowd – and might as well stick around!

4. Festivals.
All right, now we will talk about the most obvious option, shall we? Amsterdam will be loaded with festivals on King’s Day, because one party isn’t enough for our king. The biggest ones will be held outside the city centre. Festivals during King’s Day 2018 are: TIK TAK Kingsnight Amsterdam, Kingsland, Loveland van Oranje Festival, Oranjebloesem, and many more! Check this website to see the whole list. We think the king can safely say he got the world’s biggest birthday party.
For the real diehards out there… You can start the party the night before. Amsterdam has a lot of clubs, bars and pubs with special King’s Night parties.

Did you know that the sale of tompoucen increases by 600% at Kingsday. People are definitely getting hungry while they are partying # Eating like a king.


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