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3 × 3 = 9 streets
Amsterdam is a Walhalla if you like shopping. While most people head straight away to the well-known busy “Kalverstraat”, with the big standard shops like: “ZARA, H&M, Pull & Bear, Urban Outfitters and Footlocker”. We think you’ll get a better retail therapy at “De Negen Straatjes”. Another shopping mecca with more locally flavoured stores.
De Negen Straatjes is the collective name for nine cross streets that connect the four main canals of Amsterdam (Singel, Heren-, Keizers- and Prinsengracht). The streets are in the middle of Unesco World Heritage. You'll find a charming variety of shops here, which are selling everything from toothbrushes to antique prints, from vintage and second-hand clothing to trendy fashion and couture. Conscious Tip: Laura Dolls is a lovely vintage boutique specialized in clothing from the 50s.
The streets:

  1. Berenstraat;
  2. Gasthuismolensteeg;
  3. Hartenstraat;
  4. Huidenstraat;
  5. Oude Spiegelstraat;
  6. Reestraat;
  7. Runstraat;
  8. Wijde Heisteeg;
  9. Wolvenstraat.
Check their website for current opening hours. Who else feels a shopping spree coming? :)

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Rain or shine - the Rijksmuseum rocks
“I LOVE the Rijksmuseum. You can go there many many times and still see new things
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Travelling, Food and Beer - a great threesome
Laurens, our F&B manager advises you to go to one of Amsterdam’s city breweries.
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Opened in 2016: ADAM tower
More than anything, Maryanne is looking forward to see that view
Consuming Passions says: Scandinavian Embassy
Coffee and Salmon for lunch?!
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Love a free view? Go to OBA!
Julia reveals her secret Amsterdam tip:
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The canals 
– a good way to go in straight lines on water
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Go to NDSM 
(like BDSM but without the whips) 
Consuming Passions: Restaurant Thuis aan de Amstel
Wouldn’t you love to relax, have a drink or work-out here with view on the river Amstel?
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Choose LIFE
It’s all too tempting to lose track of your home exercise routines when you travel. Here are a few short stretches to help you keep on top of your health.
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Consuming Passions: The real wine gum
With real wine taste. Why did nobody think of that before?
Introducing.. Consuming Passions
Featured on Conscious Hotels website: the blog Consuming Passions. Who are they? 
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The Dutch beaches
Very few visitors think of Amsterdam and beaches in the same sentence but there is a northern coastline you can visit!
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Amazing facts about the Netherlands 
No. 1 The Windmill
Conscious Knows
Where our street names come from
A little history lesson
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10 Facts about Amsterdam
What you didn't know...
Discover the city's best hidden secrets 
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Kitchen garden
Food tastes way better if you grow it your own.
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Plant scouting at Hortus Botanicus
A tropical day in Amsterdam 
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Amsterdams' newest pride
Blood, sweat and tears, but the North/South metro line has opened
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Best running spots in A’dam.
Or take a good nice walk out here...
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Reopening Conscious Hotel Museum Square
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