5X cool bars
Trying to escape the cold and find a cozy bar? We have some pretty cool suggestions.

Brouwerij ‘t IJ
This pub is also the brewery itself and a windmill, a neat combo if you ask us. With walls covered in beer bottles and they have taste platters, so you can try all their beer and see which one you like the most.

The Bols experience
Now we know what you’re thinking when you read the name. I don’t want to experience Bols. Don’t fear though, its just the brand name. This location is more of a museum than a bar. You’ll get to learn and drink. What better combo is there?

Bar Kantoor
Our very own “office bar” located at Westerpark. Bar Kantoor got its name because the building used to be an office. We kept going with the theme, you can find some appropriately named cocktails. You can start with the “Intern” as we all do and then try your chances with the “Secretary”.

Wynand Fockink
In this old-style tasting tavern you will find a plethora of Dutch drink to try. Who knows, you might end up going home with a bottle.

Last but definitely not least. At MOER all the alcohol that is served is organic and tasty - just like their dishes!

Food we love...
We are all about not wasting food and this one of the items you can find on the buffet  in case we overproduced the day before:
Organic Beer
It’s natural and healthy (in small quantities) At least this time you can tell the missus you opted for the organic hangover.

Restaurant tip: Instock
The restaurant that fights food-waste
Organic drunks - oops drinks!
Everything is organic at Conscious, even the spirits in our bar
Dutch Delight: Poffertjes
What’s a visit to a city without the having a taste of some local goodies?
Fulfill sweet and savory craving @ Sticky Fingers
Yummy eco-patisserie right next to Vondelpark
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Slow Tea at Sticky Fingers 
Let's take it slow!
All Organic, all good

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Feeling thirsty?
Walden drinks

Stand out Vegan Restaurants 
Sleep tight with Auping
Sustainable & comfy 
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Who knew that chocolate could be healthy
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