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Entrée Award winners 2018
Founders Marco Lemmers and Sam Cohen won the entrepreneur of the year at the Entrée Awards!
On Monday evening at the Theater Amsterdam the 12th edition of the Entrée Awards took place, the hospitality awards of the Netherlands. The founders of Conscious Hotels, Marco Lemmers and Sam Cohen, won the cherry on the cake of the Entrée Awards: entrepreneur of the year.
They received the prize from the presenter Ruben Nicolai.

The 100% electric concept of Conscious Hotel Westerpark was nominated for the Best Hotel concept. This prize went to Sweets Hotel (bittersweet for us).
However, the last award of the night was the entrepreneur of the year award – where the nominations aren’t made public.  This prize went to the founders of Conscious Hotels, as a recognition of 10 years of being sustainable in their hotels.

“The winner seduces, surprises and connects. The concept of these entrepreneurs keep getting better, clearer and louder. They get the guest thinking about the future, during and after their stay. With the portfolio they already have and the belief that Entrée Magazine has in their future plans, it’s the perfect moment to gift them this” – the jury

Conscious Hotels is operating for almost 10 years in the most sustainable way, constantly pioneering new ways to stay sustainable. CEO Marco Lemmers: We are the first sustainable hotel group in the Netherlands and have been treating the planet right for years. The hotel we opened this year run completely on Dutch wind-energy. Aside from the sustainability and design its all about happy guests. We’re going for a sky-high “eco-sexy, big smiles” factor.

Photo credits: Ming Chao
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