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Conscious Café favorites: Pure Kakaw

The products of Pure Kakaw are one of Conscious Café's newest, and already a big favorite. Let's introduce them:


This company is Amsterdam based and produces 100% pure cacao pieces. Imagine to be the founder of a chocolate company… could it get any better?! They handpick the cacao themselves in the Nicaraguan mountains and bring them to our flat little county. Over there, the cacao is made without any chemicals or pesticides and the farmers are paid fair prices for the quality that they deliver to support their sustainable way of working. You can find their pop-up store in the Westerpark, close to our newest hotel and Conscious Café where we sell some of their products.


The thing about cacao is that it is a lot of times associated with unhealthy chocolate,  but in fact, pure cacao has extreme health benefits. Cacao beans are the seeds of the Theobroma Cacao tree and by some, they are believed to be sacred. 100% pure cacao has the highest concentration of antioxidants that are known in food, and it also contains a lot of minerals and healthy fats. These ingredients make that pure cacao is seen as a superfood and is supposed to help you focus during work, while at the same time it says to give you more energy and a warm feeling inside. Sounds nice and all, but we can hear you think… most importantly: Yes, the taste is awesome!


A nice way to use the cacao is to make a hot chocolate, and for that you don't need a lot. Only 15-20 grams of Pure Kakaw pieces and 150-250 ml water or dairy-free milk, depending on how strong you would like it. You warm the water or the milk, it only needs to reach the heat of 70 degrees, then put in the cacao and stir until all the cacao is melted. If you need something more, you can spice up your drink with some chili, cinnamon, cardamom, or any other spice. If you rather have it as a food, you can always sprinkle it over your yogurt or make raw energy balls with it. There are countless possibilities to make yourself a happy person.


Check it out at Conscious Café!

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