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No Cash @ Conscious
We do not accept cash in any of the hotels. We don't do this to ruin your day or because our people can't count cash money :) The main reason is that working cashless is better for the environment, since digital money doesn't need to be moved around, nor produced for that matter. Also, not having any cash in the hotel is safer for everyone. 

Apart from environmental and safety reasons, there are physical reasons too. Carrying around suitcases filled with cash and diamonds might cause terrible backaches (we all know the feeling, right?).

We do accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro cards. We'll put anything you might buy or order on your room bill, so you only have to swipe that card once, at check-out.

We hope you understand! 
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We love WIND
Our power comes from this windmill
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Unusual toothbrush
What’s the best selling product in the Conscious Shop
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Conscious Hotels: Getting there and Away
Yay! You booked a room in one of our Conscious Hotels. But how to get there? 
Conscious Partner
Electric Taxi dreams - order here!
One of our green partners is TaxiElectric. The people who only drive electric taxis (some Tesla) providing a greener way for you to get around Amsterdam or to Schiphol.
Fit for €17,50 a day!
Fitness deal for the gym David Lloyd next door..
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Yoni @ Conscious 
Keeping toxic away from vaginas
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Free tap water at Conscious Hotels
Quench your thirst!
Are you up for upcycling?
Upcycling (also known as creative reuse) sounds like cycling uphill but it’s not.
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Lost something in one of our hotels? 
Green RoofTop
Have you seen our Sedum Rooftop already? In summer it looks great! 
Charge your Tesla at Conscious Hotels
Are you rocking one of these babies? Charge your electric car during your stay!
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Eco-sexy Roetz bikes!
Ride Roetz, stay Conscious
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Fluffy quilts of responsible down
Sweet dreams...
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Organic restaurant MOER
Local & all organic
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Wine Hour
Glass of wine on the house
Conscious Shop
Hemp tea
Yummie sustainable tea!
Conscious Shop
Funky sustainable longboards
Eco sexy rides
Our Story
All day dining @ Bar Kantoor
Restaurant and bar
The Tire Station
Slow Tea at Sticky Fingers 
Let's take it slow!
Conscious Shop
New hotspot: Conscious Café
All organic Grab & Go
Our Story
3x conscious things about Conscious Hotel Westerpark
Curious how sustainable we are?
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