Eco & fair drinks: ChariTea and LemonAid
Not only eco food - also eco drinks at Conscious Hotels. 

At Conscious Hotels we also select our drinks very carefully. The brands ChariTea and LemonAid totally fit our vision, and taste! 

Their ingredients are not just 100% organically grown; they’re also Fairtrade certified. That way, they’re (and therefore we) not only supporting organic farming, but also sustainable practices where everyone is paid a fair wage for their work. On top of that, 5p for every bottle they sell goes to support our charitable organisation, which supports social projects in the regions where our ingredients are grown. You can find more about this under “Projects” on their site:

Freshly brewed organic tea from Fairtrade. No added sugar, just slightly sweetened with agave syrup and fresh fruit juices. All ingredients are organic. The Fairtrade tea comes from plantations in South Africa and Sri Lanka. The Fairtrade premium money supports local social, medical and educative projects. Read more at:

Together they carry the slogan "Drinking Helps". Changing the world one step at a time in a tasteful way.
Food & Design
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We are all about not wasting food and this one of the items you can find on the buffet  in case we overproduced the day before:
Food & Design
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Organic Beer
It’s natural and healthy (in small quantities) At least this time you can tell the missus you opted for the organic hangover.

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The restaurant that fights food-waste
Organic drunks - oops drinks!
Everything is organic at Conscious, even the spirits in our bar
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We opened MOER on the 14th of February 2017, please meet our chefs.
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