De FoodHallen - yum!
Not sure what to have for dinner? Go to the FoodHallen (Food Halls) in Amsterdam. It's close to Conscious Hotels Vondelpark, and you'll find all sorts of food in a very interesting and hip place. Don't miss it during your trip to Amsterdam, you can easily get there by bike or tram.

The Halls (De Hallen) were opened in 2014. It’s a series of large halls, connected by a public passage. One of the halls is home to the Food Halls. Basically it’s an indoor food market, inspired by foodmarkets like the Borough Market in London, Torvehallerne in Kopenhagen and the Boqueria Market in Barcelona. You can enjoy a large variety of freshly made products, from different stands ran by local producers. For example Vietnamese food, burgers, humus and falafel, pizza and pasta, but also pies, waffles or icecream. 
Besides the good food and large choice, the FoodHallen are also a national monument. They were constructed at the end of the 19th century, functioning as a depot for the first electric trams in Amsterdam. The Food Halls are located in the one of the oldest most monumental hall in the typical Amsterdam neighbourhood of Oud-West. They're located parallel to the Kinkerstraat, connecting the Bilderdijkkade and the daily market of Ten Kate Market.

Next to the FoodHallen, the other halls host a cinema/movie halls, a public library, exhibition space, a hotel and a restaurant. In weekends there are often special market in the passage, like the Local Goods market. 
Food Halls (De Hallen) are located at Bellamyplein 51

Open from Sunday to Wednesday from 11.00 to 23.30 hours
Open from Thursday to Saturday from 11.00 to 01.00 hours.

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