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Conscious Cooking: Desktop Dauphinoise
Many guests have asked us for tasty, healthy, organic Conscious recipes so that they too can enjoy ‘Cooking Conscious’. Here’s a favourite of ours that you might want to try.
1 medium-sized Conscious desk
4-6 cloves of garlic
Unsalted butter (enough to line a 2mx2m baking dish)
60,000ml double cream
Conscious Hotels’ desktops are made from either recycled yoghurt pots or recycled coffee cup holders from coffee vending machines. For this recipe, it's recommended to use only a coffee-flavoured desktop as the yoghurt-flavoured ones can curdle easily and spoil your evening.
First, set your oven to 1946-52, the years of postwar reconstruction. Peel your desktop then divide it into slices approximately 9mm thick. Cut the garlic cloves in half and rub them over the baking dish releasing the juices. Smear the dish generously with butter and gossip.
Lay the desk slices in the dish seasoning with salt and pepper as you go along. Pour the cream over the slices until it reaches the top of the dish then stop. Bake for 60-90 times until the desk is nicely browned and softened.
Tip: Any desktop slices left over can be gently crumbled and used as the topping for a hat.
Eco & fair drinks: ChariTea and LemonAid
Not only eco food - also eco drinks at Conscious Hotels
Food we love...
We are all about not wasting food and this one of the items you can find on the buffet  in case we overproduced the day before:
Food & Design
NEWS: Conscious Hotels delivers breakfast by drone
Conscious Future Education Labs (ConFused) is proud to announce its latest invention – the breakfast drone 
Organic Beer
It’s natural and healthy (in small quantities) At least this time you can tell the missus you opted for the organic hangover.

Restaurant tip: Instock
The restaurant that fights food-waste
Organic drunks - oops drinks!
Everything is organic at Conscious, even the spirits in our bar
Enjoy a healthy breakfast!
How about some oatmeal to kickstart your day?
Dutch Delight: Poffertjes
What’s a visit to a city without the having a taste of some local goodies?
Organic restaurant MOER 
We opened MOER on the 14th of February 2017, please meet our chefs.
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Yummy eco-patisserie right next to Vondelpark
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