Saving the Planet
Wasteboards by PlasticWhale
Plastic pollution is a growing problem. Worldwide. Rivers, oceans, beaches, cities become more and more polluted with plastic. WasteBoards wants to turn the tide by involving as many people as possible, creating value from plastic waste. While having fun doing it! 

We think that sounds so good and those boards look great!

They manufacture high quality skateboards from plastic bottle caps. Plastic Whale collects these bottle caps together with the visitors of music events, school kids, companies, you name it. Each WasteBoard is made by hand & each design is completely unique, because no single colour pattern is the same as any other.

It is their aim to show people the value of plastic and to show that it is not waste but raw material for cool stuff. Plastic Waste started in Amsterdam but of course want to create WasteBoards wherever it is possible and needed. 

We really love this idea! To find out more about Wasteboards and how to buy one, click HERE.

photo credits: Wasteboards
Saving the Planet
Now, everyone can recycle plastic! Just follow this:
Saving the Planet
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