Saving the Planet
Waka Waka; share the SUN!
Charge your phone with this awesome solar charger.

Waka Waka. It has nothing to do with Shakira's hit Waka Waka - "This time for Africa" - but it's a social impact company on a mission to provide universal access to the abundant energy of the SUN. Yes, the sun. Because, you know … the sun will come out tomorrow and the day after and the day after … and with a Waka Waka solar charger, you will never need another battery, candle or kerosene lamp. 

Beautifully said by Waka Waka themselves: Waka Waka helps people plug into the sun. For power and for light. In an emergency or for play. In the middle of the city or way off the beaten path. And a fun fact: WakaWaka means “shine bright” in Swahili. 

With a Waka Waka, you can even share the sun! Because if you buy a Waka Waka, (
for example to charge your phone during that super cool music festival) you get to send one Waka Waka to someone living through a humanitarian crisis. Survivors of catastrophic earthquakes in Nepal, Haiti and the Philippines; families displaced by war and strife; and many many others are able to tap into the power of the sun for light and power through the exact same Waka Waka design and quality. Maybe, you give a Waka Waka to a child. This kid can walk home safely when it's already dark, and even do some homework before bed. This will help his or her education and therefore a future life! We like that thought a lot. 

You'll find WakaWaka's (yellow and black ones) in our Conscious Shop! 

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Saving the Planet
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Saving the Planet
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