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Amsterdam's 42nd  Marathon coming up
Do you like running? The feel of the wind in your hair or, if you’re bald, the feel of the wind on the memory of your hair? The joy of sprinting along city streets when not being chased by a mugger?

Well, the 15th of October, the 42nd Amsterdam Marathon will be held. Guess where? Yes, Amsterdam. You cannot wish for a more beautiful or flatter run than here.

But if you are going to run for hours you need to give your body great treatment. And at Conscious Hotels, we really look after you – body and soul:

Our comfy beds give you the (well-deserved) rest you need. Our special marathon breakfast - that starts at 06:00 - at The Tire Station and Conscious Hotel Vondelpark with fruit and plenty of healthy carbs will give you the power and energy to get to the finish line. And, as you might want to shower afterwards – in fact, we recommend it – a hot shower awaits you (McSteamy not included). 

But with plenty of runners wanting to book with us, don’t delay, you may need to set a personal best time to get a room.

If you’re planning to drive here, we have car parking at The Tire Station and Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, click here for more information.

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Party Pics
Faces of Consciousness
You all took some glamorous selfies during our Boogie Nights in the Conscious Hotel Vondelpark. Enjoy!
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Conscious Photo Contest
Wanna be famous? Simply record a worldwide hit single, become a movie star or put photos of your grumpy-looking cat on the internet. Alternatively...
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NoWaste dinner impression
Look at that food!
Conscious Event
Neighborhood dinner @ Conscious
On May 5th, Conscious Hotel Vondelpark hosted a neighborhood dinner. We think they liked it. They haven’t moved away since, anyway.
Conscious Event
Our first NoWaste Dinner
Collecting not-to-be-wasted food for our NoWaste dinner! Thanks to Marqt. Yes - with Q
Conscious Event
Get your skates on and BOOGIE

Sunday Market Westergasfabriek
Because you know, Sunday Funday!
Amsterdam City Swim
Charity event
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