Saving the Planet
Conscious Future Education (ConFuSed) Lab launches
At Conscious Hotels, we’re always searching for new ways to be kind to the planet while looking good and having fun (picture us sorting the recycling while combing our hair and laughing). With this in mind, we’re proud to announce the launch of Conscious Future Education Laboratory. ConFusEd, for short.
Professor Ben de Rools, Chief Scientist, ConFusEd explains: ‘The world has big problems. Perhaps we should just give up? After all, they are very difficult problems. Let me put it another way - the fox knows many things but the hedgehog knows one big thing. I don’t know what that big thing is, I’m not a hedgehog. Maybe ask the fox?’
Professor de Rools’ first invention? Step forward, EcoBoots! The world’s first energy generator in shoe form powered entirely by human legs!
All Conscious guests, including even small children, will now wear them at all times in the hotel. As they walk, guests turn mini turbines in the heels of the EcoBoots which is converted into electricity along with a mildly painful (but not lethal) buzzing sensation. The boots are placed in docking stations (HoDocks) where a mere 176 pairs provide a mighty 8 volts of sustainable energy.
‘This is nearly enough power (but not quite) to partly boil a small egg,’ explains the Professor, ‘or to restart the heart of a slightly stunned mouse.’  There are a few small technical glitches that still need to be worked out. The prototype EcoBoots weigh 20 kg each which has meant some weaker guests have been unable to leave Reception and have to be carried to their rooms.
The noise of the mini turbines has also been an issue. ‘Yes,’ agrees the Professor, ‘it is curious how they sound just like a cat sliding down the side of a balloon. I couldn’t replicate it under laboratory conditions – maybe I should ask the hedgehog?’ Unfortunately, no hedgehogs were available for comment at the time of writing this article as they were consulting the fox on important matters.
Check back for details of more ConFusEd innovations, coming soon.

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Saving the Planet
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Saving the Planet
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Saving the Planet
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Saving the Planet
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