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NEWS: Conscious Hotels delivers breakfast by drone
Conscious Future Education Labs (ConFused) is proud to announce its latest invention – the breakfast drone. Professor Ben de Rools, Chief Scientist, ConFusEd explains: ‘Imagine it’s morning, you’ve just woken up and you feel hungry. Hunger is a natural reaction to a lack of food,’ the Professor adds, perhaps unnecessarily. ‘What do you do?’

‘You could get up, shower, get dressed, do your nails then travel all the way to the Conscious Hotels breakfast area. Who has time for that? Why can’t your breakfast come to you? Well now it can. With breakfast drones.’

The new mini drones are solar powered and can fly for over 2 minutes 17 seconds without recharging. In trials, the 70 km/h drones kept hitting less agile guests in the narrow corridors. But ConFusEd Labs has now managed to avoid unnecessary legal action and bloodshed by miniaturizing the drones to the size of small frogs. Of course, frog-sized drones don’t carry a lot of breakfast but the Professor has ingeniously solved this challenge too!

‘We send out drone swarms to each guest of about 100 mini drones at a time. Each drone carries something organic, tasty and healthy (and small). Like a delicious strawberry, 5% of a slice of toast, 3 raisins or a spoonful of Fairtrade coffee.’
Guests simply have to reassemble their breakfast which is dropped to their door by the drone swarm (straws are provided to extract coffee and juice from the carpet). There are still a few minor problems to iron out.

‘Yes,’ the Professor admits, ‘some nervous guests still seem to be startled when they turn a corner to see a 100 mini drones swarming toward them. For them, we have designed an armoured bodysuit made of Kevlar which can withstand the impact of granola pellets.’
Is all this technology worth it? Couldn’t guests just eat breakfast in the breakfast area?

‘Ha,’ the Professor laughs. ‘Ha. And give up this convenience? Ha,’ he says, then there is a long pause, ‘ha.’

Check back for details of more ConFusEd innovations, coming soon! Or READ THIS ConFusEd innovation: EcoBoots. 

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