Saving the Planet
New animal rental scheme launches
At Conscious Hotels we worry that more and more animal habitats are being lost every day making it hard for some species to survive. But we also know that spending time with animals reduces blood pressure in humans making us healthier. What could we do to support biodiversity and wellbeing?
Professor Ben de Rools, our Chief Scientist, comments: ‘our new ‘Endangered Renting’ scheme means our guests can share their rooms with rare animals when they stay here.’
This month we began by renting out rare Madagascan Fat Mice. The overweight rodents find it difficult to move fast enough to escape their main predator the Carnivorous Tortoise so guests are asked to help them get fit when they stay in their rooms.
As the Professor says, ‘the Fat Mouse sits there wheezing all day doing absolutely nothing so we’ve designed specially reinforced Mouse Trampolines for them. Guests should ensure their Fat Mouse gets 20 minutes of fast bouncing three times a day.’
To encourage the Fat Mice, tiny fishing rods will be provided. By hooking cheese onto the end of the fishing line, guests can lounge on their beds dangling tempting organic dairy produce over the heads of the mice to make them jump higher. After exercising we recommend they spend 60 mins in their Chill Out cages with plenty of water and ambient music.
In the Autumn, we’ll introduce the rare Densely-Striped Zebra (DSZ) which is dying out in Africa as contemporary lions learn to use barcode scanners to detect and prey on the poor beast. Guests will be encouraged to rebuild the shattered confidence of the Zebra while knitting woollen cloaks, matching hats and gloves to hide their distinctive markings.
Check back for details of more ConFusEd innovations, coming soon.

Saving the Planet
Wasteboards by PlasticWhale
Recycled plastic from Amsterdams canals!
Saving the Planet
Now, everyone can recycle plastic! Just follow this:
Saving the Planet
Waka Waka; share the SUN!
Charge your phone with this awesome solar charger
Saturday? Organic markets!
Here are 3 organic markets for a healthy Saturday afternoon:
Saving the Planet
Conscious Future Education (ConFuSed) Lab launches
All Conscious guests, including even small children, will now wear EcoBoots at all times in the hotel.
Saving the planet
Do you ever feel... hugging your food?
Saving the Planet
New trend: eat ugly food
Have you tried it already?
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