Chilling out of the city centre: Noorderlicht
Feel like going on a mission out of the city centre to another unique site Amsterdam has to offer? No? Then stop reading, and click here.

Yes? Then this one is for you!

Noorderlicht is a quirky café popping out at the water's edge at the industrial NDSM Werf in the North part of Amsterdam. It looks like a large green house and has a laid back terrace and grass field where you can put a blanket down. Or sit by the water or grab a table, everything is welcome; number one rule: 'gezelligheid' (Dutch for LOTS OF FUN!).
As the sun goes down in our - oh so tropical – (bring a sweater) Amsterdam find yourself at night drinking a nice local beer sitting around the outdoor fire! Live music every Friday and Sunday, most of the time free entrance.

How to get there? Easy-peasy. Take your Conscious bike on board the ferry from central station. Check out the map or ask our helpful hosts, they are always ready to point you in the right direction.

More info: Check out their website.

Oh and when you’re going there anyway – you could also check out DeCeuvel!

Photo credits: Noorderlicht
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