The Tire Station
3x Conscious things about The Tire Station
1. We've got solar panels on the roof of the hotel just waiting to capture the baking Amsterdam sun. OK, it's not the sunniest city in the world but we can still get energy even on cloudy days as long as a pigeon doens't fly past or more than three flies settle on the panels for a chat. 

2. When sleeping on Auping beds you’ll wake up with a crown on your head. OK, not really, but you’ll definitely be sleeping like royalty. And the good thing is, Auping materials are cradle to cradle, which means the completely biodegradable and 100% recyclable materials will never be thrown away, but will be turned into raw material for something else. Way to go Auping! 

3. The Tire Station is our first hotel with an ATES. What is an ATES, you ask? It stands for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage. It's a sustainable energy system that works by pumping water up from sources way below the ground and it somehow keeps the hotel warm when it's cold out and cool when it's warm. Doesn't sound like it should work but somehow it does. Science or something.
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The Tire Station
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