Conscious breakfast
100% Organic, what does that actually mean? In short: being kind to nature and animals. So organic farmers combat fungi and harmful insects by making use of natural enemies, not by using pesticides. And animal products are from animals that are treated well and had a lot of space. Check out some of our organic breakfast products:

Happy chickens
Organic eggs from the Netherlands are from the happiest chickens you will ever come across (excluding the ones from The Muppet Show). They are free to go outside when they feel like it, are not disturbed during the night by someone stealing their eggs, have loads of space to roam and only eat organic food (just like our guests).

Pigs rolling around in mud
You know what they say: happy pigs produce the tastiest bacon. Like any organic animal product are these pigs fed with organic food only. They eat a lot but their diet consists of wheat and corn, and because they are outside organic pigs also eat grass. They get to keep their tails because these pigs have so much space, inside and outside that after a busy day of rolling around in the mud they just want to chill… And not chew on each other’s tails.

Homemade granola
Our granola is organic and it doesn’t contain any animal products, so it's vegan friendly. We use agave syrup to sweeten it, roll it in oats as the main ingredient and we add kasha and rye to finish it.

Come and taste our quality breakfast for €15 per person only!
Food we love...
We are all about not wasting food and this one of the items you can find on the buffet  in case we overproduced the day before:
Food & Design
NEWS: Conscious Hotels delivers breakfast by drone
Conscious Future Education Labs (ConFused) is proud to announce its latest invention – the breakfast drone 
Organic Beer
It’s natural and healthy (in small quantities) At least this time you can tell the missus you opted for the organic hangover.

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Organic drunks - oops drinks!
Everything is organic at Conscious, even the spirits in our bar
Enjoy a healthy breakfast!
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