Saving the Planet
Wasteboards by PlasticWhale
Recycled plastic from Amsterdams canals!
Saving the Planet
Now, everyone can recycle plastic! Just follow this:
Saving the Planet
Waka Waka; share the SUN!
Charge your phone with this awesome solar charger
Saturday? Organic markets!
Here are 3 organic markets for a healthy Saturday afternoon:
Saving the Planet
Conscious Future Education (ConFuSed) Lab launches
All Conscious guests, including even small children, will now wear EcoBoots at all times in the hotel.
Saving the planet
Do you ever feel... hugging your food?
Saving the Planet
New trend: eat ugly food
Have you tried it already?
Museum Square
Our breakfast chef Ömer
The face behind your breakfast 
Our Story
Hot news: CoffeeCycle
A fresh brew ;)
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