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  1. All rates are in Euro per room per night.
  2. Rates are including VAT.
  3. A rate cannot be changed after a reservation has been confirmed.
Cancellations & no-show
  1. Reservations are non-refundable, in case of cancelation or no show, the full cost of the reservation will continue to be charged an no refunds will take place.
  2. Changes in names or nights can take place, but won’t impact the total cost agreed on with confirmation.
After confirmation, a credit card from the company or travel agent is required in order to guarantee the booking.
100% of the full reservation cost should be paid by credit card or by bank transfer 30 days after confirmation.
Our bank account details for Conscious Hotel Vondelpark are as follows:
Bank: ING
IBAN: NL70INGB0007457963 in name of Conscious Hotel Vondelpark BV
Our bank account details for Conscious Hotel Museum Square are as follows:
Bank: ING
IBAN: NL97INGB0007457962 in the name of Conscious Hotel Museum Square BV
Our bank account details for The Tire Station are as follows:
Bank:     ING
IBAN:     NL73INGB0007458006 in the name of The Tire Station BV
Smoking anywhere in the hotel is not allowed and the fine is 150 Euros. Tempering the fire alarm results in a fine of 250 Euros.
We reserve the right to authorize amounts on your credit card to either check for validity or to cover for additional costs during your stay.
Check-out time is 11.00 (11am).
Early departure
In case of departing earlier than the original reservation's departure date the full costs for the reservations are due.

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