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You made 2021 a little bit greener!

Conscious Hotels has partnered with Sustainably Run to plant trees in 2020 and 2021. These trees will come from every euro you donated! They are planted in Isenga Village, Tanzania. In 2021, 825 trees have been planted and Conscious Hotels wants to thank you for that! We couldn’t have done it without you. But what exactly happens to your donation?

Wat does Sustainably Run do?

Sustainably Run is an organisation that works with sustainable restaurants and hotels. This means that when booking a room or after a lunch/dinner, guests can donate an extra euro to have a fruit tree planted. Specially trained facilitators help communities in Tanzania to plant these trees. This is all done through a concept called agrofarming.


Agrofarming is a sustainable process that creates long-term sustainable eco-systems through the planting of various trees. Usually the land in these countries has been spoilt by the cultivation of rapeseed, tobacco or corn. Taking away the trees to grow these crops has several consequences, such as erosion, water pollution and increased CO2 levels in the air. Through agrofarming, this land can recover from these effects.

What are the advantages?

Besides preventing erosion, water pollution and increased CO2 levels, agrofarming has many other advantages:

// Due to the variety of trees, different crops can be grown. As soon as extra wood is left over, it can be used for building as fuel and for construction.
// Fruit trees provide families with diverse food, and produce to sell at the market.
// Selling food/products provides a larger income and therefore more access to education for the local community and their children.

Want to know more?

For more information about Sustainably Run you can always visit their website. If they can continue their work, the future looks a little greener for many! And all thanks to you :). So once again, thank you!

Team Conscious Hotels

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