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We recycled 880 pillows!

We’ve joined forces with Yumeko for an innovative project to recycle down pillows. The old down pillows from one hotel will be transformed into new down pillows for one of our other hotels. And to give a good idea of how much waste we avoid by recycling, we threw all the recyclable cushions in a huge pile outside the hotel! With this initiative, we want to show consumers and hotel partners that recycling down is possible, with all the benefits for people, animals, and the environment.


Eight years ago, a special collaboration was born with sustainable bed and bath linen brand Yumeko. Conscious Hotels and Yumeko both have a mission to make the world more beautiful. Since 2014, our hotel guests have been enjoying Yumeko’s sustainable comforters and pillows at all four locations. Now the first pillows are due for replacement and from our sustainable vision, we want to give the Yumeko pillows to be replaced a new use, by recycling the down.


Old products don’t always need to be replaced immediately but can serve as valuable raw materials to make new products. With this project, Conscious Hotels, together with Yumeko, wants to inspire consumers and companies to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Production process

All down that ends up in Yumeko’s down recycling service is carefully inspected, selected, and washed. It can then be used to make pillows (and comforters) that are just as beautiful and sleep exactly as soft and warm as products made with new down. Not only the down is recycled, but also the 100% organic cotton cover. This goes to a textile processor, who can use it again.

Reduced environmental impact

In terms of environmental impact, no valuable materials are added to the waste, which would normally disappear into an incinerator that releases a lot of CO₂.

No production of new material

In addition, no new material needs to be produced. Recycling used down keeps a valuable resource in use, rather than destroying it.

Saving down

In addition, recycling ensures that it’s not necessary to use down derived from new animals.

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