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Our Story
NoWaste Dinner saves entire world bee population
Well, a slight exaggeration. But the second NoWaste dinner raised almost 600 euro to save the bees from extinction.
To Do at Conscious
See Amsterdam by bike
Join our guided tours!
Conscious Tip
Rain or shine - the Rijksmuseum rocks
“I LOVE the Rijksmuseum. You can go there many many times and still see new things. Things you didn’t see the other times you went because ...
Eco & fair drinks: ChariTea and LemonAid
Not only eco food - also eco drinks at Conscious Hotels
Conscious Tip
Travelling, Food and Beer - a great threesome
Laurens, our F&B manager (we don’t let him travel so no T, F & B for him) advises you to go to one of Amsterdam’s city breweries.
Our hotels
No Cash @ Conscious
Q: Do you accept cash? A: No.
To Do at Conscious
No Waste Dinner @ Conscious
16-10-2015 - Come save food at World Food Day!
Conscious at Strawberry Earth Fair
with the Conscious Hotel Bar!
Organic Beer
It’s natural and healthy (in small quantities) At least this time you can tell the missus you opted for the organic hangover.

Conscious Event
Healthy sexy and sexy healthy VeganSundays
Vegan Sundays is a gourmet catering, private chef and a pop-up restaurant. They cook @ Conscious once a month. 
Our hotels
We love WIND
Our power comes from this windmill
Conscious Shop
Unusual toothbrush
What’s the best selling product in the Conscious Shop
Saving the Planet
Great news: Climate case 
Urgenda won an important climate case against the Dutch state
To Do
IAmsterdam, YouAmsterdam, WeAmsterdam…
The IAmsterdam card is your key to the city (except it’s a card not a key). 
Lunch at Conscious 
Where hungry meets healthy. 
Our Story
Third eco-design hotel for Conscious
We’re proud to announce that Conscious will open its third eco-design hotel in the second half of 2016. The hotel will also include a restaurant and coffee bar and promises to be greener than ever with 110 eco-design rooms, a green rooftop and solar panels. 
To Do at Conscious
Träff by Opgemärkt at Conscious
06-10-2015: Interesting speakers, great vibe, green insights!
Guest Contribution
Lorenzo e Ludovico 
Father and son biking to Amsterdam's islands
Conscious Tip
The canals 
– a good way to go in straight lines on water
Insider Tip
What NOT to do in Amsterdam
Restaurant Tip:
In t Vierde Baarsje 

Don’t try to pronounce it; just go there.

Conscious Tip
Go to NDSM 
(like BDSM but without the whips) 
Our Story
08-05-2015 - A new home for our soil-based friends
The soil is important to us humans. No soil, no food. No worms, no healthy soil. See why:
Meet Conny...
Conny is the recruiter at Conscious Hotels... Find out what life altering opportunities she has in store for you!
Guest Contribution
Guest contribution: Mr. M. Goat
Can’t believe a Mongolian goat is writing a piece on this site? You’re right to be skeptical. I can’t believe it either. In reality, I’m not actually writing, I’m dictating this to my personal assistant. 
Guest Contribution
Conscious People taking Selfies
... with Gorilla bottom. In our lobby! 
Party Pics
Faces of Consciousness
You all took some glamorous selfies during our Boogie Nights in the Conscious Hotel Vondelpark. Enjoy!
Our Story
The HUNT for the HO
We hunted for a new Head of Operations. And found one, thanks to a creative application process...
Consuming Passions: Restaurant Thuis aan de Amstel
Wouldn’t you love to relax, have a drink or work-out here with view on the river Amstel?
Conscious Tip
Choose LIFE
It’s all too tempting to lose track of your home exercise routines when you travel. Here are a few short stretches to help you keep on top of your health.
Guest Contribution
View from our top-room
Lovely, isn't it? This picture was taken by one of our guests.
Conscious Shop
Yoni @ Conscious 
Keeping toxic away from vaginas
Conscious tip: Wildernis
Love plants, pie and good coffee
Conscious Event
Conscious Photo Contest
Wanna be famous? Simply record a worldwide hit single, become a movie star or put photos of your grumpy-looking cat on the internet. Alternatively...
Conscious Shop
Our underground bestsellers – electricvegetables
Did you know that one of the best-selling products in our Conscious Shop is the potato clock. It’s a clock powered by high voltage potatoes
Conscious Event
NoWaste dinner impression
Look at that food!
Fit for only 10 Euros a day!
Fitness deal for the gym David Lloyd next door..
Our Story
Are you up for upcycling?
Upcycling (also known as creative reuse) sounds like cycling uphill but it’s not.
Conscious Event
Neighborhood dinner @ Conscious
On May 5th, Conscious Hotel Vondelpark hosted a neighborhood dinner. We think they liked it. They haven’t moved away since, anyway.
Guest Contribution
Photo Contest 
Amazing pic by Astrid Pots! Thank you Astrid
Parks in Amsterdam
Rent a bike - cycle to a park - and chill out, maybe even picnic!
Conscious Partner
Electric Taxi dreams
One of our green partners is TaxiElectric. The people who only drive electric taxis (some Tesla) providing a greener way for you to get around Amsterdam or to Schiphol.
Conscious Knows
Check our Facebook...
For the latest news & ToDo's in Amsterdam! 
Saving the planet
Do you ever feel... hugging your food?
To Do
Conscious knows...
The people working at Conscious know what to do in Amsterdam..
Consuming Passions: The real wine gum
With real wine taste. Why did nobody think of that before?
To Do
SHOPPING in Amsterdam
Small boutique shops in the 9 streets - great for shopping special stuff to bring home
Conscious Tip
Sharing is Karen
Karen, our finance lady at Conscious Hotels, gives you a BBQ tip!
Our hotels
Saddle up!
The best way to discover Amsterdam is by bike. We have really nice VanMoof bikes - only 15 euro for 24 hours. 
Conscious Event
Our first NoWaste Dinner
Collecting not-to-be-wasted food for our NoWaste dinner! Thanks to Marqt. Yes - with Q
Introducing.. Consuming Passions
Featured on Conscious Hotels website: the blog Consuming Passions. Who are they? 
Conscious Event
Hotelnacht 2015 - Boogie Nights
We had an awesome Rollerskate Disco themed Boogie Night in January 2015. Now we are planning the next Hotelnacht
To Do at Conscious
POP up dinner - 19th of September
Fusion Tapas and Vegan Wine-tasting
Gay Pride 2015
Best spots for Canal Parade on August 1st
Our hotels
Hello, you've reached the Conscious Hotels website.
We're dragging the whole hotel thing kicking and dreaming into the future.
Our Story
Conscious supports WarChild
by being their Business Friend
Consuming Passions says:
Asian Massages in Dutch Design in the upcomingJan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam West near Conscious Hotels
Our hotels
Free tap water at Conscious Hotels
Quench your thirst!
City Wide Event
27-04-2015 KingsDay
Carrying an old guide with you? Don't believe him when he says 'Queensday' and don't believe him at all when he states it takes place at the 30th of April. It's the 27th
Markets in Amsterdam
Markets are the place to be if you want to taste the city's vibe - and trading spirit
Enjoy a healthy breakfast!
How about some oatmeal to kickstart your day?
Restaurant Tip: DeKas
Eating in a greenhouse, surrounded by veggies
19-23 of August: SAIL
Sail, sails, ship, ships, boat, boats, don't miss it! 
Conscious Event
Get your skates on and BOOGIE

15-06-2015: Worldwide day of Wind
Today is Global Wind Day, and needless to say, we LOVE wind! 
Pleased to meet you...
Our hotels
Lost something in one of our hotels? 
Conscious Tip
Amsterdam by bike
"By bike, you can take your own time, and feel really free and independent from the suffocating restrictions of tram departure times."
Conscious Tip
The Dutch beaches
Very few visitors think of Amsterdam and beaches in the same sentence but there is a northern coastline you can visit!
Green RoofTop
Have you seen our Sedum Rooftop already? In summer it looks great! 
To Do
Museums in Amsterdam
With more than 50 museums Amsterdam packs a big cultural punch... 
Restaurant tip: Spaghetteria
Spaghetteria is all about sushi.
Restaurant Tip: Seafood Bar
Everything you can find in the sea - you'll find on the menu here. But only MSC certified!
Restaurant Tip: BURGERMeester
Best burger place in Amsterdam.
Our Story
Something old, something new..
We´ve renewed our digital selves
Guest Contribution
A message from Layla
We received an email from Layla - with a mystical dolphin
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