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Lunch at Conscious 
Where hungry meets healthy. 
NoWaste Dinner saves entire world bee population
Well, a slight exaggeration. But the second NoWaste dinner raised almost 600 euro to save the bees from extinction.
Conscious Shop
Unusual toothbrush
What’s the best selling product in the Conscious Shop
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Third eco-design hotel for Conscious
We’re proud to announce that Conscious will open its third eco-design hotel in the second half of 2016. The hotel will also include a restaurant and coffee bar and promises to be greener than ever with 110 eco-design rooms, a green rooftop and solar panels. 
Our Story
08-05-2015 - A new home for our soil-based friends
The soil is important to us humans. No soil, no food. No worms, no healthy soil. See why:
Meet Conny...
Conny is the recruiter at Conscious Hotels... Find out what life altering opportunities she has in store for you!
Our Story
The HUNT for the HO
We hunted for a new Head of Operations. And found one, thanks to a creative application process...
Conscious Shop
Our underground bestsellers – electricvegetables
Did you know that one of the best-selling products in our Conscious Shop is the potato clock. It’s a clock powered by high voltage potatoes
Are you up for upcycling?
Upcycling (also known as creative reuse) sounds like cycling uphill but it’s not.
Conscious Partner
Electric Taxi dreams
One of our green partners is TaxiElectric. The people who only drive electric taxis (some Tesla) providing a greener way for you to get around Amsterdam or to Schiphol.
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Saddle up!
The best way to discover Amsterdam is by bike. We have really nice VanMoof bikes - only 15 euro for 24 hours. 
Our hotels
Hello, you've reached the Conscious Hotels website.
We're dragging the whole hotel thing kicking and dreaming into the future.
Pleased to meet you...
Our hotels
Lost something in one of our hotels? 
Green RoofTop
Have you seen our Sedum Rooftop already? In summer it looks great! 
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Conscious supports WarChild
by being their Business Friend
Our Story
Something old, something new..
We´ve renewed our digital selves
Fit for only 10 Euros a day!
Fitness deal for David Lloyd next door..
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