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Conscious breakfast
The best start of your day!
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Wine Hour
Glass of wine on the house
Our hotels
We've got new bikes!
Ride Roetz, stay Conscious
Bubbles and Oysters!
At restaurant MOER
The Tire Station
We're so proud!
5x the best farms in & around Amsterdam 
Summer and winter proof activity
The Tire Station
3x Conscious things about The Tire Station
Some pretty cool stuff...
Artisan Market
Shop like a local
Dutch breakfast secret
Something to do with chocolate
A better world with Charitea and LemonAid
Hydrate & Donate
City Wide Event
Amsterdam Dance Event
World's biggest club festival
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Conscious Meetings

Where organic ideas grow
Party Time
Early morning party
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Fluffy quilts of responsible down
Sweet dreams...
Our Story
Organic restaurant MOER
Local & in season!
The Rembrandt House 
Find out who the famous painter was
Conscious Knows
10 Facts about Amsterdam
What you didn't know...
Conscious Knows
Where our street names come from
A little history lesson
Conscious Knows
Amazing facts about the Netherlands 
No. 1 The Windmill
Europe's 1st avocado restaurant
The Avocado Show...
Best outdoor swimming pools
Take a dip here...
Museum of the Canals
Fun history lesson
To Do
A day outside of Amsterdam
Cheese, fish and traditional clothing
Baked potato shop
Choose your favorite filling
Sunday Market Westergasfabriek
Because you know, Sunday Funday!
Escape the hustle and bustle
And still be close to town...
Our hotels
No Cash @ Conscious
Q: Do you accept cash? A: No.
City Wide Event
Amsterdam's 42nd  Marathon coming up
Do you like running? The feel of the wind in your hair or, if you’re bald, the feel of the wind on the memory of your hair?
Conscious Shop
Hemp tea
Yummie sustainable tea!
The Tire Station
Fulfill sweet and savory craving @ Sticky Fingers
Yummy eco-patisserie right next to Vondelpark
To Do at Conscious
Lindy Hop @ Conscious
Twist, turn and have a good time Swing by!
The Tire Station
The Tire Station: ready to book your room?
On the 29th of December, our new hotel opened! Read more here.
Rainy day in Amsterdam
Welcome to Amsterdam. What to do on a rainy day, you ask?
Our hotels
We love WIND
Our power comes from this windmill
Conscious Tip
Travelling, Food and Beer - a great threesome
Laurens, our F&B manager advises you to go to one of Amsterdam’s city breweries.
Parking at Conscious
This is the deal:
Saturday? Organic markets!
Here are 3 organic markets for a healthy Saturday afternoon:
Micropia - Worlds only microbe museum
They are everywhere...
Want a cookie?
Find the best in town here...
To Do
3x coolest cinemas in Amsterdam
Much more than just a cinema!
Our Story
Conscious x Blue LOOP 
Recycled denim workwear!
Seeing Amsterdam by Solar Boat!
We'd like to introduce you to: KINboat. Electric, cozy, personal, FUN!
Food we love...
We are all about not wasting food and this one of the items you can find on the buffet  in case we overproduced the day before:
Nest: A sunny rooftop night with a yummy cocktail! 
Find yourself listening to whistling birds while the sun goes down...
Charge your Tesla at Conscious Hotels
Are you rocking one of these babies? Charge your electric car during your stay!
Food & Design
NEWS: Conscious Hotels delivers breakfast by drone
Conscious Future Education Labs (ConFused) is proud to announce its latest invention – the breakfast drone 
Our Story
Organic Beer
It’s natural and healthy (in small quantities) At least this time you can tell the missus you opted for the organic hangover.

Fourth Conscious eco-design hotel coming up
Conscious Hotels goes Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam Westerpark!
Conscious Tip
Opened in 2016: ADAM tower
More than anything, Maryanne is looking forward to see that view
Saving the Planet
Now, everyone can recycle plastic! Just follow this:
10 hidden gems for a drink in Amsterdam
*Note: "hidden gems" on the internet means secrets shared with 7 billion people
Chilling out of the city centre: Noorderlicht
Take the free ferry to the North
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