Terms & Conditions (sinister sound plays in the background)
Cancellation Policies

Want to cancel a reservation? We have 2 types of rates; flexible and non refundable.

For the flexible rates cancelling your reservation is OK but you must tell us by 2pm one day before (24 hours) you were booked to arrive unless we specify otherwise when you're booking. If you cancel your reservation after 2pm, one day before arrival, we'll charge you 1 night's room and taxes. Peak periods may have additional cancellation restrictions but we'll tell you about those when you book with us.

With a non refundable rate you are not able to change or cancel your stay and thus you will be charged for 100% of the costs.

Deposits & Guarantees

In order to book a room with us you will need to provide a valid credit card which will not expire prior to the booked dates. Flexible rates will be charged as soon as the cancellation deadline will expire (24 hrs prior to arrival) and non refundable rates will be charged as soon as the reservation is made. Please note that if you use someone else's credit card you will need to provide written consent. The front office has so called 'credit card authorisation forms' available. We reserve the right to authorise amounts on your credit card to either check for validity or to cover for additional costs during your stay.


Check-in time is 14.00 (2pm). Check-out time is 11.00 (11am). Ask us if you want to Check-in early. We'll try our best but can't guarantee it. The same goes for Checking-out late. We'll try but can't guarantee it.


All guests are expected to have fun at any given time when visiting the hotel premises. Guests that are caught not having any whatsoever fun will be removed from the premises.
No Show

In the unfortunate event of not showing up the full amount of the reservation including taxes will be charged to your credit card.


Unfortunately, we don't allow pets.


The Conscious Hotel Vondelpark has a covered parking garage which is available for €22.50 per night per car. Your parking spot is guaranteed from Check-in (2pm) until Check-out (11am). If you arrive early or want to depart later there might be an extra fee.

Luggage Storage

Yes, we can store your luggage. No, there's no charge. Just contact one of our hosts.

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