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We’ve planted more than 10.000 trees!

Conscious Hotels is working towards a greener planet. We do this in many different ways. We started off with making our hotels, restaurants and operations as sustainable as possible. Without forgetting to stimulate the senses, through style, taste and quality. Next to that, we plant trees with every direct booking we receive. We’ve been planting trees, since 2018. From 2018 until 2022, we’ve planted more than 10.000 trees already, let’s make it even more! 

Say what?
We’re planting trees! From 2018 until 2022 we’ve donated to several tree planting projects. The organizations we’ve worked with are The Pollinators, Trees for All and Sustainably Run. With Sustainably Run we’ve planted more than 2000 fruit trees, with The Pollinators 5700 trees, and 266 trees with Trees for All. From 2022 onwards, we will start building our Conscious Forest. And we need your help with that!

Why is that?
To reduce the Ecological Footprint and to make the planet greener. Our end goal is to provide planet positive stays for our guests. By creating a forest, we’ve set a step into the right direction. Trees provide us with oxygen, they store carbon, they take care of the stabilization of the soil and last but not the least give life to the world’s wildlife. So, we would say they’re quite important.

The whereabouts?
You’re probably wondering: Where does my donation end up? The aforementioned organizations are operating in different locations! Sustainably Run plants trees in Tanzania, while The Pollinators and Trees for All operate throughout the Netherlands. Wherever it’s planted, all trees make a huge difference.

How to join the movement
This can be done by making a direct booking at Conscious Hotels. For example a dinner at one of our restaurants Café Moer or Bar Kantoor, a booking of one of our meeting rooms, hosting an event with us or by staying in one of our hotels. Whenever you make a direct booking, you’ll be planting trees! Thanks to you, we really do make the planet greener.

The Pollinators.
Each year they have a campaign called “Treevember”. During Treevember, the development of food forests takes the centre stage. Together, they create a wonderful living environment for not only pollinating species and humans, but for everything that lives in the soil.

Trees for all
The world needs more trees. For a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions. That’s why Trees for All is collaborating with several  organizations to plant forests in the Netherlands and abroad.

Sustainably Run
The initiatives of Sustainably Run allow guests to plant GiftTrees to counterbalance the environmental impact of their meal. The GiftTrees improve health, generate income, provide sustainable food & living and repairs Eco Systems for communities around the world.

We’re proud of all the trees we’ve already planted, and we’re not stopping here. We’re on our way to create more and more trees in 2022! Thank you for helping us.

The first trees of 2022 have been planted. More will follow!

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