The Tire Station

The Tire Station is a 112-bedroom stylish eco designer hotel so close to Vondelpark you can hear the squirrels dreaming. The name of the hotel is The Tire Station because the building used to be a Michelin Tire Station. We do like to keep things simple. We’ve got an eco patisserie, Sticky Fingers, and an organic restaurant, MOER, at the hotel to cater for healthy appetites. We’re also a sustainable hotel that sources energy from wind and our own underground aquifers. If you need somewhere to meet we have a high-tech meeting room. If you like sleep, good news, we have Royal Dutch Auping beds for your best ever night’s sleep. And if you have a car we even have parking spots which, in Amsterdam, are rarer than a toasted sandwich without cheese or ham. And, yes, we’ve heard all the tire jokes by now. ‘Get a grip’, ‘feeling worn down’, ‘leaving skidmarks’. Thanks for that.
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The Tire Station - Sustainable stuff
We’re an eco designer hotel and to prove it we have solar panels on the roof just hoping for a little bit of Dutch sunshine. The rooftops are green, which means they support a diverse range of plant life, kind of like a mini jungle. As well as capturing wind energy we have ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) sustainable energy system. It uses naturally occurring warmer water found many metres below Amsterdam to feed a system that regulates heat and cold, which sounds like it shouldn’t work but actually does brilliantly.
The Tire Station – A little bit about our rooms
Our rooms come in a very wide range of colours – white, pink and a sort-of-bluish - enabling us to match them to our guests’ personalities after a short psychological test. We have 112 of them the last time we counted and they also come in different sizes – double, twin and triple. All our beds are very comfortable Royal Dutch Auping beds suitable for both right and left-handed guests. Loud snorers can be relocated to Vondelpark for a small extra charge on request from their partners.

Check out how to get there here.

Amstelveenseweg 1-7 1054 MB Amsterdam

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