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Celebrating 10 years of Conscious, take a look at our timeline:

September 2019

// We are proud! We are listed in National Geographic Traveller, Earth Collection. It is just fantastic to see that we are lined up with these amazing places that make a positive and sustainable difference and to be called “pioneer in eco-friendly tourism”. A title we will gladly hold with pride!

July 2019

// We are 10 years old. Happy birthday to us. Our teenage years are calling us. What’s next? We have big plans. We’d like to expand to other cities, like The Hague, Utrecht, or even outside of the Netherlands, Copenhagen or Hamburg. Working on it!

March 2019

// Conscious Hotel Museum Square gets a total renovation. It’s looking good!

November 2018

// Our founders, Marco Lemmers and Sam Cohen, win ‘Best Entrepreneur of the Year’ award by Entrée. The jury loved ‘Eco-Sexy. Big Smiles.’ We do too!

September 2018

// TIME Magazine calls us one of the ‘World’s Greatest Places’. Wow! Just wow!

April 2018

// Restaurant Bar Kantoor opens in Westerpark. Huge park outside, big terrace, terrific food. Fully organic, of course…

April 2018

// Conscious Hotel Westerpark opens, making us a happy family of four hotels. This hotel is situated in an old gas factory in the middle of Westerpark, and here we also have a restaurant and a pink café and shop.

November 2017

// Conscious Hotels wins ‘Best Hotel Concept’ Award from Entrée. Not bad for an 8-year-old. Entrée Awards are renowned Dutch awards for hotels and restaurants. Best Hotel Concept of course also refers to our sustainability concept, combined with our good looks (we sound quite vain now).

February 2017

// Restaurant Moer opens. Great organic food that infinitely surprises your tastebuds. We all want more Moer! Enjoy the tastiest local food in our former auto repair shop all day long. With a sparkling cava or a nice glass of organic beer, your night is complete!

January 2017

// Café Sticky Fingers joins us and, after a week, we all gain at least 2kg each. This pink coffee & sweets place is instantly famous, serving the best fairchain coffee and sticky sweets to the neighbourhood and our hotel guests.

January 2017

// Conscious Hotel The Tire Station opens, instantly making us a proper hotel family. We can now call ourselves a ‘hotel chain’. This third hotel will also have a restaurant and a cafe in the lobby.

October 2010

// Conscious Hotel Vondelpark opens. A big baby brother for Conscious Hotel Museum Square. It is so close to the Vondelpark that we can hear the squirrels dreaming…

July 2009

// Baby Conscious is born at Conscious Hotel Museum Square weighing 70,000kg. It’s the first sustainable hotel in Amsterdam: small and cosy, with a cute garden.

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